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The King's first designed their visualization technique when they began their ministry and counselling services in 1985.  In 1990 Sandi's brother had been diagnosed with, and shortly thereafter died of cancer.  The King's used their technique for their own relief and grieving process.  Ten months later Sandi was diagnosed with cancer, Barry and Sandi lost their store/business, Barry lost his job, and her father died.  During this challenging period of their life, they also experienced other personal life traumas.  The Kings, at this time, put even more passion into refining their technique to be powerfully healing and relaxing for themselves.  When undergoing chemotherapy, Sandi relied on the tapes that she and her husband made to help tolerate and direct the treatment.  The process brought about a tremendous transformation in her spiritual healing process.  The tapes also enabled her to undergo chemotherapy, a process that her body responded to with great distress.  That was 1991.

They have since refined the technique to be used as a therapeutic tool with client's in their counselling practice.  In 1998, they contracted a musician to develop vibrational music to accompany the RGI plus process.  The transformational effect of the healing process was deepened, as sound, colour, and Guided Imagery all come together to touch us in body, mind/heart and spirit.

Drawing on ancient yogic wisdom and modern mind-over body research, the Kings have developed their own innovative meditative technique called RGI plus  (Relaxation & Guided Imagery plus (prayful visioning and energy awareness & alignment)).  In their workshops and counselling, the King's use their technique to show how the participants can use RGI plus tapes and process as an effective tool in there life.  They empower the listener to transform stress and challenges, and bring relaxation and spiritual upliftment.  The tapes create an awareness of the inner keys that assist the user to take charge of their life challenges.

Beginning with deep rhythmic yogic breathing and connecting with the Divine energy, the participants undergo progressive Relaxation, focusing on and aligning vibrational energy through colour, sound, and Guided Imagery journeys, which take many forms, from a simple relaxation to a deep therapeutic healing.  The benefits of this discipline, when used consistently over time, offers deep relaxation, reduced anxiety, increased coping abilities, inner healing, heightened intuition and a calmer persona.

There are 12 titles or journey's recorded to the specially created vibrational music, 'Bonnie's Melodie', by Bonnie Bernard.  The 12 journey's or titles to 'Bonnie's Melodie' deal with: four are healing, four are relaxation, two are deep yogic breathing and progressive relaxation, one allows you to come in touch with your spiritual guidance, and one is just the music - allowing you to make your own RGI plus

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Side A -- Healing at the Golden Pond -- your own healing centre is created as you reflect and heal at the golden pond.  Rev. Sandi King, Ph.D. (TC)
Side B -- Temple of Light -- Bask yourself in a spiritual healing as you meet healing angels at a healing temple.  Rev. Barry King, Ph.D. (TC)


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Side A -- Mountain Meadow -- A relaxing journey in a mountain meadow
Side B -- Sun Serenade -- A relaxing journey in the sun.  Both by Rev. Barry King, Ph.D. (TC)


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Side A -- Healing Meditation -- Build on your strengths to tap deeper levels of awareness through a deep emotional healing.  Rev. Sandi King, Ph.D. (TC)
Side B -- Desiderata -- Take this opportunity to reflect on your life's goals and purpose.  Rev. Barry King, Ph.D. (TC)


  Tape 4 (Yellow)      Order Tape

Side A -- World from Above -- Visualize your part in taking responsibility for caring for mother earth.  Rev. Sandi King, Ph.D. (TC)
Side B -- Relaxation at Golden Pond -- Relax and reflect at golden pond with the wise one within - tap into your own intuition.  Rev. Sandi King, Ph.D. (TC)


  Tape 5 (Orange)      Order Tape

Side A -- Meet Your Guide -- A delightful trip to a learning center to meet your guide or guardian angel.  Rev. Barry King, Ph.D. (TC)
Side B -- Make Your own RGI Plus -- The opportunity to record your own visualization to 'Bonnie's Melody', by Bonnie Bernard.


  Tape 6 (Red)      Order Tape

Side A -- Warm up and Conditioning for Deep Breathing -- Learn progressive relaxation and condition your respiratory system for deep breathing. 
Side B -- Rhythmic Breathing and Complete Yogic Breathe -- Enjoy the deep relaxation and inner peace found through rhythmic & yogic breathing.  Both by Rev. Sandi King, Ph.D. (TC)

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